Posted by: David Cant | August 4, 2008

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

Please find below a resume of the SWMP which came into force this year on 6th April 2008. (Regulations SI 2008: No. 314 issued under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005).

If the project you are working on has a construction phase cost of more than £300,000 (excluding VAT),
NO WORK SHOULD COMMENCE unless there is a Site Waste Management Plan in place.

( Site Waste Management Plan template provided at the footer of this article )

Each project should have one SWMP, which is a live document that must be updated through the course of the project. The Plan has also to be kept by the principal contractor (under these regulations) for two years after completion of the construction phase.

Whilst there are differing requirements on projects costed at between £300,000 to £500,000 and those costed at over £500,000, responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

The Client has to:
• produce the initial SWMP before construction work begins
• appoint the principal contractor
• pass the SWMP to the principal contractor

The Principal Contractor has to:
• obtain relevant information from subcontractors
• update the SWMP at least every six months as the project progresses
• keep the SWMP on site during the project
• ensure that other contractors know where the SWMP is kept
• allow other contractors and the client access to the SWMP during the project
• hand the completed SWMP back to the client at the end of the project
• keep a copy of the SWMP for two years

The level of detail that the SWMP should contain depends on the estimated contract value before VAT.

For projects estimated at between £300,000 and £500,000 (excluding VAT) the SWMP should contain details of the:
• types of waste removed from the site identity of the person who removed the waste
• site that the waste is taken to

For projects estimated at over £500,000 (excluding VAT) the SWMP should contain details of the:
• types of waste removed from the site
• identity of the person who removed the waste and their
• waste carrier registration number
• a description of the waste
• site that the waste was taken to
• environmental permit or exemption held by the site where the material is taken

At the end of the project and no later than three months after the end of the construction phase the Plan must be reviewed by the principal contractor and a record made of the reasons for any differences between the plan and what actually happened and a confirmation that the plan has been monitored. This review has further requirements where the cost of the project exceeded £500,000.

Irrespective of the above, parties must still comply with the duty of care for waste, particularly contractors.

Because the principal contractor must record all waste movements in one document, having a SWMP will help them to ensure they comply with the duty of care.

Those working as a sub-contractor need to check their contract for requirements on:
• purchasing strategies or methods of work aimed at reducing waste
• the on-site reuse or recycling of site-gained materials
• the disposal of waste
• what information they need to report to the principal contractor or client, and when

Note: Because the SWMP is produced at the very beginning of a project, the client, project managers, designers and any contractors engaged early in project development can consider ways that waste can be reduced and site-gained materials can be reused or recycled as part of the project. Identifying at waste materials at an early stage that cannot be reused on that project will make it easier to find other alternative uses for them.

See a simple SWMP layout download our >>sample-site-waste-management-plan-template-_swmp_

Note: A CDM Coordinator will be able to assist the client on  this basis provided that he/she is the competent person to do so.

For the full SWMP Regs 2008, see SI 2008:No 314

Original article by Veritas Consulting


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