Posted by: David Cant | August 11, 2009

Warehouse Safety – Walkie Trucks and Pallet Jack Use

The walkie trucks/pallet jacks are very versatile, but can be dangerous if not used properly. This equipment is designed to transport loads, unload, lift, pick, stage, and store materials or product. Workers operating walkie trucks/pallet jacks may be injured by the pallet jack rolling over feet, hands caught between the operating handle and a fixed object, and heavy loads falling onto the operators.

To safely operate this equipment, basic safety principles below must be rigorously followed. By following these guidelines, you will ensure your safety and the safety of others.

• Only pallet jack operators may operate pallet jacks.
• Do not exceed the manufacturer’s load capacity rate and read the lift capacity plate on the pallet jack if you’re unsure.
• Start and stop the pallet jack gradually to prevent the load from slipping.
• Pull manual pallet jacks and push them when going down an incline or passing close to walls or obstacles.
• If your view is obstructed, ask a spotter to assist in guiding the load.
• Stop the pallet jack if anyone gets in your way.
• Never place your feet under the pallet jack.
• Never use a second piece of equipment to push, pull, or, lift the unit.
• Move slowly when transporting an empty unit that could tip while negotiating a sharp turn.
• Always wear the required personal protective equipment.
• Keep hands, feet, and other body parts confined to the running lines of the walkie truck/pallet jack.
• Never ride on pallet jacks.

For a discussion regarding your warehouse safety please contact Veritas Consulting Safety Services on 0121 249 1281


  1. You really do have to be careful with pallet jacks, as most things it’s something that can always be fine, but one slip of concentration…

  2. There is an abundance of training available now with regard to pallet inverters and stackers. Lots of videos online too. They can save a business a lot of money, but you HAVE to know how to use them well

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