Posted by: David Cant | June 20, 2011

Fire Risk Assessments are top priority in any warehouse

To protect the assets of the building and workers, fire risk assessments are essential and fire safety must be a top priority in any warehouse.  Storage of certain products can result in a greater risk of fire.  Flammable liquids can easily ignite and raze a warehouse to the ground. Sprinklers, fire extinguisher, and emergency plans will help safeguard people and property.  Some of the largest fire losses in the industry have occurred in warehouse.

The following fire safety guidelines can be very useful:

• Storage of materials should be at least 18 inches below fire sprinkler heads.
• Clear access should be maintained to all fire extinguishers and fire alarm panels.
• Fire extinguishers must be identified with appropriate signage.
• Trash accumulation and debris can be a potential fire hazard, as well as a hindrance
to evacuations.

There should be a designated area for storage of pallets, crates, etc., and limit the stack height of pallets to 6 feet.

• Aisle ways must be to clear free and of obstructions.
• Emergency lights must be functional at all times.
• Extension cords cannot be use for permanent wiring.
• Store flammable liquid properly.
• Never store materials in front of electrical panels or in electrical rooms.

For Fire Risk Assessments Services contact Veritas Consulting on  08001488 677 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            08001488 677      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


  1. Great tip. It saves not only offices but also saves the life of employees working in office.

  2. fire safety equipments must be installed in offices and home to evade fire damage.

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