Posted by: David Cant | October 3, 2012

Competent Person & Health And Safety Support For Companies Of All Sizes

Business owners have plenty of responsibilities including meeting current health and safety standards. If employers do not have the time, knowledge or skills necessary to perform such duties they should nominate a qualified employee to complete health and safety tasks. In many cases, nobody within the company has the ability to keep records, develop policies or perform a health and safety audit. This is why so many companies use an external health and safety support service. A competent person has the ability to evaluate multiple health and safety issues and help an organization make any necessary improvements.

Health and Safety Support Services

Competent person support services helps business owners keep up to date with all health and safety requirements. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the services offered. Business owners who want to meet current health and safety standards should consider having an audit performed so they can see how well their company is doing. A professional health and safety audit includes a visit to the company and staff interviews. An audit will reveal which areas need improvement. Company owners and supervisors may be surprised to find out that their company does not meet many of the current health and safety requirements.

Keeping Employees Safe

It is essential for employers to protect the health and safety of their employees by following the latest health and safety guidelines. Some employers neglect these duties because they do not know how to perform inspections, conduct safety meetings or complete necessary paperwork. It is not only ethical to keep employees safe, but it can also prevent company lawsuits. With so many safety solutions available, business owners have no excuse for not taking care of important health and safety matters. Competent person service provide the type of support a company needs. Employees can have the competent person take care of all health and safety duties or provide the in house staff with the amount of help they need to complete the job.

Selecting the Right Competent Person Service

Business owners who select a highly qualified health and safety service can expect to receive an annual workplace assessment, monthly health and safety inspections, monthly safety meetings and basic health and safety training. A competent person can create all necessary health and safety policies and take care of incident reporting duties. Employers will not have to worry about the health and safety aspect of their business when they select the right competent person.

When selecting a competent person service, business owners should make sure the person has up to date knowledge because safety requirements change over time. The person should have experience in the industry as well as formal qualifications. Members of The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register have at least two years of practical experience.


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